Web Development

Web Applications have come a long way, originally comprised of unaesthetic forms and endless pages, now elegant and efficient works of art requiring multiple disciplines to guarantee both an alluring design and an engaging user experience, as well as stable and extendable backend. Falconlabs thrives in all of these aspects, having delivered countless feature-rich web applications to both startups and Fortune 500 companies, alike.

Our teams have extensive experience with the latest frontend libraries and frameworks like Bootstrap, React, Foundation, Ink, and, of course, jQuery. Combine that with our award-winning language-agnostic backend team, proficient in Java, PHP and NodeJS, and you have yourself a web application your users will thank you for.

Quick, easy and cost-effective Web Portal design and implementation.


At Falconlabs, we take WordPress development to a whole other level. We use WordPress as our foundation to create rich bespoke sites with custom themes, plugins and functionality.

WordPress is the most powerful starting block to build your website, your store, or your business on, and we love using it.


As the internet becomes more commonplace and the concept of Online Marketing is ever expanding, many products and Shopify services are available online today through the use of online payment transactions, and as per the survey results, people have become more comfortable to shop online. We see that online sales growth outpaces offline by a wide margin. E-commerce sales skyrocket across the developing world as well, building an online presence is a low-risk way to test new markets or complement existing store footprints. According to the Forbes, e-commerce solutions are becoming essential for small to medium-sized businesses as online sales during the last few months grew at 50-60 % year over year, while retail merchant was down.

React JS

The dynamic workforce not just writes the hundreds of lines of code; instead, they program the app, interface with third-party services or plugins, and debug the code snippets if they are not perfect.

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